Why I am not “people”?

From time to time here in Wales I encounter an organization claiming to help people, including helping to find an income. And I think: “Great, that is what I need! Something I didn’t had for 16 years, despite having qualifications, skills and desires to do good. When I tried to create an independent business, I was hit so hard by rents and insurances, I had no hope to succeed. This must be different. ” I tell them how happy I am them I finally found something sounding friendly and helpful. They promise to help. One day. But before that time I have to volunteer, often alongside paid stuff (often much younger and less qualified than me), to help people… Some other people… I learned to dread the word volunteering… In the worst case, I wasted 4 years… I am starting to feel that all so called Social Enterprises, Community Benefit Societies, charities or whatever they call themselves are just smoke screens to support the “insiders” by using the naive and desperate ones like myself… I really hope I am wrong. Please, somebody, prove me wrong!

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