Which jobs “works” for HSP & HSS?

I think it is safe to say I am a Highly Sensitive Person and a High Sensation Seeker (HSP/HSS).

There is an article on possible jobs for Highly Sensitive people and this is what my experience tells me:

Being happy and employed mostly depends on who you work with. I’ve been a scientist for quite a few years and was very content with my job as I had wonderful understanding colleagues. I didn’t like lots of things going on in the big scientific world outside our lab: competition, need to promote your work again and again, disregard for geeks, force of the establishment,.

Now the circumstances have changed and I am a self employed artist. It often feels wonderful but there are problems, too, e.g. no friendly colleagues with similar background and interest around me. Being empathic I can’t really make friends online. So it feels lonely quite often. I still have to promote myself – even more so as there is no wise boss to help me. Being also a HSS I don’t do repetative “consistent” work for which artists are often praised.

What job is best for you depends on circumstances and you ability to adapt to them. I don’t think there is direct link between personality and profession.  Any group of people working on any project would benefit to some degree from being made of people with different ways of thinking and points of view. Ones who can work together without fighting – or other tragedies.

And of course we need all kinds of artists, writers, film makers, etc.

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