Where does evil come from?

Christopher Hitchens: For us to tell a child, “You go to this church, which means you’ll go to Heaven, but your little playmates don’t go to this church, and therefore will go to Hell,” seems to me to be an unpleasant thing to be saying. Perhaps I’m in a minority, though.
Frank Turek: That could be an unpleasant thing, but how–
Christopher Hitchens: Actually, an evil thing, and something only a religious person would dream of saying.
Frank Turek: Well, let’s call it evil, Christopher. Where does evil come from?
Christopher Hitchens: Religion. And to answer your next question, morality comes from humanism and is stolen by religion for its own purposes.
Frank Turek: Humanism according to who? Hitler? Mussolini? Stalin? Who?
Christopher Hitchens: You’re saying that Hitler was a humanist?
Frank Turek: Hitchens! Hitchens!
Christopher Hitchens: I’ve lived to hear it said, and in Virginia. Hitler was a Catholic. So was Mussolini.

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