What’s the plan, dreamer?

From time to time I post something about where I would like to go in life. I don’t normally know how to get here.

I am a sort of an artist in a non – artist – friendly land. I have got my work in three “Local Art Galleries” but this somehow doesn’t feel right. What is their message? Something like: “Look here! We are creative and local. Buy unique arts and crafts with silly price tags! “

Is this what I want to achieve? Not quite.

Buyers either don’t care about their goods being unique or they don’t care about the price tags – but need works of famous artists. Could I be one? I doubt that. Do I want just to be a famous artist and earn money? It’s just not good enought…

When I close my eyes I could see us buying a piece of land somewhere nice (no I haven’t got any money). Building a beautiful semi-autonomous homestead. Turning it into an Art and Astronomy retreat / creativity centre. Gradually organizing an intentional community of people of various ages and many occupations around that center.

The aim of this model settlement would be no less than creating a better future for whole humanity based on “holy trinity” of science, creativity and humanity. It would be a true community of people helping each other, having common meals and fireside chats, free range kids running in the woods… Creating the new greenest ways of living, cherishing freedom of expression, creating new rituals and celebrations for the new age. But rather than having indiscriminatory multiculturalism, we need to bring from different ages and cultures ONLY something which helps us to build a better future. Many traditions and beliefs, no matter how dear somebody holds them, will have to fade away. Mental placebos may help to feel better for a while but it is a dishonest medicine and may backfire. Talking to plants won’t get rid the world of hunger.

It wouldn’t be all dreamers, there should be a healthy proportion of practical people exploring new technologies and ways of living. For example how to teach the word to appreciate unique and handmade. The truth is, we humans can’t move forward without proper science, without developing our creativity for solving problems and improving our lives and withoud developing our compassion and understanding for each other. This is where the “holy trinity” comes from.

Maybe there would be other growing communities joining the movement across the world. And this way it will get better.

Well, this is my dream and at the moment I don’t really want to settle for anything less…image

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