What makes cooperation fair?

I’ve been involved in a bunch of charity-community-coop-social projects during last few years. It makes me enormously happy to say that I am finally out. All this years I had a gut feeling of something fishy but was working hard to suppress it. All good deeds… Are they?

If cooperation is to be beneficial for both sides it has to be measured. Otherwise, say, I do something – put never get anything back, or I get a reward I don’t want. If you work for somebody without any reward you enslave yourself. If you coerce anybody to do anything without a reward you are committing an immoral act.

If you are trying to persuade anybody that they reward should be a good feeling for contributing to your cause, you are still a monster.

Take for example the ugly “volunteer management” I observed here in Powys, done by “social enterprises”.

Money is an easiest tool of exchange. One agrees to sell, another agrees to buy – voluntarily. This trade is the only fair “cooperation” known to man. 

I sort of known this deep inside but thank to Ayn Rand I can articulate the feeling. I hope now I will have the strength to say NO when they came after me again, they always do.

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