Need to write (and do) more about the Home

Well, here I am. I want my life to be a work of art but homemaking really falls behind at the moment. Hopefully writing about it will help me (and other souls struggling) to bring more joy, health and beauty into every day life.

I like herbal teas. My granny and her sister to blame. It feels better drinking them than any highly processed goodness-knows-from-where supermarket hot drinks. I grow some herbs in my small garden & micro allotment (wild rosehips on the picture – constant battle with thorns though).

I am also in love with night shopping. That thyme bunch infusing costed me only 12 p. because Tesco was about to close. The bag of oranges – 40p.

Another passion is foraging. On the way from Tesco I picked a handfull of fresh cherries in the park. Right from a tree. Priceless 🙂

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