TV & radio scandals

Just a few words about recent events. They say young people like watch bad unkind behavior on TV, so it has to be shown… Well, what if young people liked to watch people being killed on TV? BBC would be creating programmes for that? My opinion is that TV & radio should never suggest that amoral, unkind behavior is OK, especially on tax payers’ sponsored channels! Otherwise its obvious that the government don’t want the citizens to be kind and to obey its own law.

Another thing, few weeks ago me and kids were watching something like Blue Peter program about animals during our breakfast. We like wild nature. I think the programme was called

“Wild About Animals: Hippos… he programme follows Hugo, a young male
hippo who lives in Zambia’s Luangwa … Celebrating the giggles presenters and
guests have had on Blue Peter. …”

And all of the sudden they started to show a hippo going to toilet… with zoom… and they were showing it again and again… Kids felt outraged & disgusted (young generation!). Who needs this kind of program??? And at breakfast time! And it was not only one occasion on this program! I’m from abroad, we (luckily) didn’t had much children’s TV but my British husband is constantly shocked at the fact that bad behaviour (including rude disgusting jokes) is actively promoted on British childrens’ TV today. One wonders why they do it?

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