To people with screaming profiles

I feel like being followed. By marketing gurus, pozitive energizers, co-founders and co-authors, work life balance specialists, thought leaders, consultants and leadership coaches, menthors, creators of possibilities, personal trainers, content creators, business advisors, warriors for the human spirit, ambassadors for…

As far as I know this is not the people who actually done something for real. Not ones I follow after reading or listening about them. Which makes me think that for every one person trying to do something creative there is an army of self proclaimed “helpers” hoping to earn their living of somebody’s else plate, swarming around like flies, waiting for their moment.

Look, I don’t have any money. Even if I had, I doubt I needed you. All this just makes me dislike the very idea of business, enterprise and the whole monetary economy…

I know there are good people helping others through teaching and advice. But I doubt their profiles would sound as ridiculous. And there is an unmistakable feeling of generosity about them. Not “I am here to get your money! ”

I tried to be a bit like that, hopelessly treating my life as an enterprise. But it is actually something much better. It is a Quest…

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