This is another recently reworked painting, the landscape from my front porch, some buildings removed, a couple of #towers added. Acrylics and inks. Probably this is something well known, but I’ve discovered for myself how to zoom out and flip without stopping painting in real life. Stand about 2 meters away from a big mirror, holding your #painting as a shield and your pen or brush as a sword. Paint or draw looking in the mirror. If the room is dark you start to see the big picture even better, see the composition. Extremely fun. Another interesting thing is that when I paint digitally I often do “undo” when a line didn’t go exactly where I wanted it. And then I do “redo” because that actually was fine. Lots of things are not in your total control but when you create it is you who decides what is good – at the end. Art is impossible without free will. #freedomofwill #paintings #artprocess #paintingprocess #Newtownpowys #живопись #acrylicpainting #acrylicandink #arte #wales #linandaras_art #VopreKin (at Newtown, Powys)

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