There were things I actually enjoyed this year, without particular order: Walking or just being in nature and swimming in the sea. Especially that we now know this could be forbidden by unreasonable governments at any time.
Reuniting with friends and family despite everything.
Talking to my daughter.
Spending a week exploring Barcelona with my husband and my son.
Earning money.
Running on a very uneven ground by sea cliffs.
Barefoot walking.
Dancing on the roof at night.
Food and meal deliveries.
Excellent taxi app service in Russia. Online shopping and going to a good big supermarket in Spain.
Driving lessons.
Learning about new stuff.
Watching good tv, especially Mandalorian, Witcher and the Expanse. Watching anything if cuddling together with the hubby on the sofa.
Also being left alone.
Small informal group zoom meetings (but not webinars or presentations!).
Doing art spontaneously, out of imagination.
Cooking and eating good food.
Writing fiction I want to read.
Hot baths and cold showers.
Breaking any silly pointless new rule I can and not being caught.
Listening to spoken poetry on YouTube, especially Kalevala.
Learning all languages I can.
Listening to great music on Spotify.
Putting most things I do in an organised task list and calendar.
Discovering totally new places to walk, even if close to home.
Discovering new interesting people to connect or follow and parting ways with joyless former “contacts”.
Calling three totally different places “home”…

Well I guess this is what I should try doing more in the new year!

What did you enjoy this year?

The artwork is in my Daily Paintworks gallery.

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