The Last Elf: An Autopsy

The Last Elf: An Autopsy by ~linandara on deviantART

A rather gloomy sketch based on a vision of several things from real world all mixed up together. E.g. some TV programms here in UK where they cut animals to pieces (“Inside nature Giants” I think its called, don’t really watch it), talking to somebody about Tolkiens elves, my desire to read people as an open book, reading about somebody who reminds me an elf in some respect, etc.

Also got it in a poem (not terrible good either) in Russian here

Pencil, gouache, graphite, A2 in size

Of course you are free to interprete this as you like, but my idea was like that: Somehow humans have got the body of a last elvish king and minstrel ever lived and they put it in a public autopsy show performed by a pretty Scully-like doctor and a huge crowd watching, cameras flashing. As the doctor proseedes, she try to imagine what that person was like, what he loved, etc. And she failes at that which is a bit of allegory for failure to grasp one’s soul essence by mechanically analysing one’s personality…

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