The first purple crocuses of the spring as seen perhaps by some multidimensional space travellers. Photography, digital editing (layers and digital drawing in PicSayPro, colors in @lightroom, @mirror_lab manipulations), pen and ink on paper. When people say that digital art is not art – This is nonsense. When you use any traditional media (e.g watercolor!) you never in full control of what is happening on paper or canvas, but you are the brains behind the end result. You are the one who chooses what should stay and what should go and why. Same with digital media. Many processes happen but you decide what works at the end. @society6 print at #digitalart #photomanipulation #outofthisworld #fromanotherdimension #multidimensional #collage #VopreKin #linandaras_art #крокусы #crocus #springblossoms #artprocess

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