Star Chart into the Unknown 2 of 8.
I was born behind the Iron Curtain. My structural engineer mum told me to oppose the communists and gave me professional pastels and serious science fiction books at a very early age. I couldn’t stop reading and painting colorful alien worlds and their inhabitants. With my friends we were creating our own civilization, with a language, customs, arts and crafts. I travelled the Earth but wanted more. I dreamt of becoming a scientists and a real space explorer, venturing into the Big Unknown.
At the age of 15 I watched Star Wars trilogy and at 20 I read “Lord of the Rings” with plenty of Dostoyevsky and Bulgakov in between. I wanted to go on a noble life-long quest. I went to study Mars. I loved my University and the laboratory I was working in afterwards. But it turned out that the space exploration now was the domain of robots.
I’ve seen the Soviet Empire collapsing and great confusion rising: monarchists, nationalists, mystics beckoning me into the darkness. I craved wisdom but didn’t found it in religion or any supernatural beliefs. Later, for a few years I walked along “green” and community-minded. I wanted more freedom, reason, creativity and honesty in my life but they could not help me. Again and again I ’ve seen people trying to make me a part of their story. I didn’t like that.
I was reading, listening, thinking, painting, drawing, creating jewellery, taking photos, participating in workshops, dancing with hippies among ruins, doing book illustations, posters and live portraits during a rock concert. I have been organising art holidays and exhibitions, had my own tiny art shop, went across three countries with a sketchbook… The dots gradually started to connect.
I can’t go to space, other worlds or the future literally, only through my art. And for dreamers like me I can be a pathfinder or a sojourner, bringing forward the dream tomorrow of space wanderings and technological wonders, making them feeling the awe of vastness and otherness of endless possibilities.
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