Something new. I’ve built a glass and mirror outdoor shelf for photographing my #dolls and jewellery. In yesterday’s blazing #sunshine, long awaited here in Wales. #taaigchallenge
This is Mr Mauseus. An unusual #oneofakind #wildrag #mouse #artdoll from another universe with a blue green scarf and grey woolly jacket, 22cm tall. He came perhaps from somewhere far away, where #greymice are intelligent enough to have coats, scarfs and shorts. A tail on the back, soft and cuddly yet not a child toy.

Various kinds of fabric (some natural wool too), hand stiched. Filled with soft synthetic stuffing. Tiny orange beads are used for the eyes.

A doll full of character. There never will be another one like this. Not suitable for under 12 years old (small tearable parts).
Measuring about 9 inches tall. Doesn’t stand or sit without support.

Made in March 2018. Part of #VopreKin Collection. @etsyuk #linandaras_art #ragdoll #stuffedanimals #etsy #artdolls #мягкаяигрушка #мышь #raton (at Newtown (Wales))

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