Somebody told me once: “I wish all people spoke the same language” and I was terrified. All that rich multidimensionality of human communication would be gone.

Did you ever had a friend you thought you knew well and then suddenly they turned towards someone else and spoke a language you didn’t understand? And in a blink of an eye they were a new mysterious person again?

Once I’ve put a lot of effort into Portuguese before going to Portugal (all forgotten now). Then on our first day here I went to the farmers market, early morning by the sea, the sellers were setting their stalls and I was walking among them and understanding what they were saying to each other. “It’s a bit chilly today”. This was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

Just yesterday I was looking for a Lao Tzu phrase and I found, I think, 3 versions of it: “See others as yourself”, “Know others by knowing yourself”, “I observe myself and thus understand the others” . Do we need to be precise?

Translation software gets really good these days yet nothing comes close to real old fashioned understanding.

Let’s go and set our Duolingo on fire with our futile effort 🔥😂 And then go into the wide world and get closer to each other, with understanding. Never stop exploring. Do not stay home. 👍

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