Separating organic waste

To better use our food leftovers I decided to have separate containers for general compost (which also includes some cardboard and any paper which needs shredding), birds (bread and other edible crumbs, fat, cheese skins), cats (I’ve been told that citrus peel deters them, also citronella oil on old tea bags) and slugs (egg shell, hair, coffee and loose tea leftovers, plus I also add sharp nutshell pieces – this is all to protect vulnerable plants). Cats and slugs are biggest “offenders” at my place, they really make my gardening life miserable!

I love planting fruit seeds. I know the resulting trees probably will be different from what I planted but I am willing to experiment for the fun of it. All the Bramley apples come from one “accidental” tree…

I’ll see how this works. This certainly got dear husband confused. If you know any other use for organic rubbish please let me know.recycling353

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