A random sketching adventure

Running low on my sketchbook pages, I’ve decided to make my own little book. With a thick thread I’ve sewn together about 17 pages (folded in two) of random card and paper. Then added a ribbon. It looks very handmade.

For a while I felt like doing more sketching but what should I sketch? I am so busy with running the shop and doing housework that I don’t usually have time to wander around with a sketch book. Plus it rains a lot in Wales. When we travel everybody are trying to see as much as possible and again there is no chance to slow down and do plein air art.

Recently Kids have shown me the Geoguessr game. I am really amazed at how beautiful our planet is. Even along the roads. I’ve decided to try an adventure: to sketch something at that random place on Earth where the game makes me to “materialise”. As I don’t copy any images slavishly there shouldn’t be a copyright issue. I’ve been luckily to find myself among golden fields, under cumulus clouds, with hills and mountains on the horizon. So I did a quick acrylic pens, pencils, ink and graphite sketch. I am looking forward doing it again somewhere else!


Random sketching adventures

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