One of the first art experiences I had was when I first got oil paints (probably when I was about 9) and I painted an alien sunset with an alien 6-legged beast. My great aunt saw that and said something like “Its interesting, but you have to observe nature more”. I remember my surprise at how she was unable to comprehend that nobody can “observe” the nature we haven’t discovered yet. I do enjoy occasional plein air but I love doing finished work which takes you somewhere really, really far. Where you don’t need just your observation skills but a lot of creative imagination too. This is why there’s an alien mermaid starting to appear on this former bit of Spanish coast…
#linandaras_art #mermaid #seascape #nonrectangular #acrylicandink #art #artistsoninstagram #workinprogress #рисунок #картина #пейзаж #фантастика #фантазия (at Urb. Calas Blancas Torrevieja)

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