On war and peace

Some of us are wasting time portraying their neightbours – who voted for a slightly different party – as stupid or villians. If our parties were really diffirent we would had a civil war. It’s all this “divide and conquer” thing. Reminds me football hooligans, hating other team’s hooligans just because… Unfollowed lots of doomers and gloomers on Twitter today. 

I am sure lots of people who did “vote for policies” surveys found themselves to be the birds of many colorful feathers agreeing with different parties on different issues. And this is just words, anyway. And we all change. And we are (mostly) not experts on economy and politics.

Meanwhile in less fortunate parts of the world horrible things happen: “The life of a 10-year-old girl who is pregnant after having been raped by her stepfather is in danger. Despite the high risk this pregnancy poses and her mother’s request, access to safe abortion has not been yet provided.“

Some are celebrating somebody’s victory in WW2. I am with the folks who says it was a great tragedy and let’s do all possible that it would never happen again. There is no glory in war.

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