On the fence

Whatever the Thinker thinks, the Prover will prove“ Robert Anton Wilson.

Regarding unproven theories, ideologies and the future it is better to “sit on the fence”. Then you can see how the prover proves whatever the thinker thinks: an event happens and the people with opposite views would shout “I told you so” – for example. Greece is a good example at the moment. Also it is amaizing how much some people want to see the world as a simple black and white picture (fitting their worldview) when the world is complex and multidimentional. How much some are demonizing their opposition at any cost.

Regarding all things practical, it is better to follow what brings more benefit and less harm to all, and what actually works. No ideology nesessary. No need to be “right” or “left” wing when you are thoughtful and compassionate – I wish to learn to be here.

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