On Immersive Arts and Real Life

I am rather interested in the Immersive Arts. As long as I can remember, if I liked a piece of fiction, I wanted to go fully in, to relive it, rather than just close a book or exit a cinema. With my friends we were role-playing intensively as kids, including an attempt to create a new Native American civilization, then for years were writing Star Wars fan fiction through letters. I was painting and drawing dreamscapes and their inhabitants, daydreaming, eventually playing beautiful modern video games and doing some props and costumes for amateur film projects. Yet I feel this is not enough.

I often see a picture of a future where we merge dreams and the reality. It does actually scare me that I am not afraid but rather exited. I feel a conflict, as I love the idea of being reasonable and real. I quite like Objectivism, although drawn to all things mysterious, unseen and yet unknown. So I see people of that future fully embracing their alter egos and “cosplaying” them for life, I see them surrounding themselves in their homes with all sorts of objects, recreating their favorite fantasy lands (I love the immersive art of interior design!) I see people wearing little augmented reality glasses and seeing human-made magical worlds, acting and interacting in them. For both fun and personal development.

In a way all this is already happening, but most people are too shy to shine… Choosing ones clothes is always a cosplay, even if sometime it is just cosplaying a dull average. Think of singers’ stage costumes. Of people bringing souvenirs to decorate their homes. Weekend Warriors. Comic cons. Religious rituals and ceremonies are designed to transport us to realms of gods and other otherworldly beings. Meditation… I used to find it funny that there are Viking or Jedi meditations on YouTube, but even the classical guided ones, where you imagine colorful lights inside and around you or seeing yourself from a corner of a room, are merging fantasy and reality.

We just need to go a bit further, be a bit bolder… Would that destroy us? I also can’t wait for proper space exploration and colonization, but who knows when that will be? Would going into virtual worlds makes people to give up on the real one? Or can it go hand in hand? Could be useful for people stuck on spaceships for months (hm, Holodeck)…

What do you think?

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