Not humans or less humans?


In the paper “Humanism: A Critique” 

Kate Manne argues that despite dehumanizing propaganda the perpetrators of various


still believe they victims are humans, otherwise they wouldn’t been chosen for sex, for example. 

“people may know full well that those they treat in inhumane ways are human,underneath a more or less thin veneer of false consciousness. And yet, under certain social conditions …  they may massacre, torture, and rape them en masse anyway”

I think the purpose of this kind of propaganda rather is in dominating the victims. It means to convey the whole spectrum of feelings, treating the victims as animals being the furthest stage, with the large range of dehumanization in between. For the people creating the propaganda stories it is just easier to go the whole way, while on the battleground the perpetrators choose they own level of “bringing down” the victims.

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