No Wallet

“This morning I dropped my wallet between the car seat as I was dropped off at the train station by my girlfriend. I had no cell phone and no money. On my own, I would have had to wait the whole day for her to finish work before walking across the city back to her place. Three random acts of kindness in about an hour got me back on my feet again. Since my girlfriend’s cell phone would be long distance, I couldn’t use the phones at the train station. A complete stranger offered me to use his phone, without me asking. Unfortunately, I didn’t get an answer. I had my laptop so I asked for directions to the nearest Starbucks. The friendly manager was more than willing to let me use their free wireless service, even though I was not a customer. He brought me a complimentary tea while I texted my girlfriend online to be able to get back to her house. I figured out the bus schedule and had asked my girlfriend to have her landlord provide me with a spare key. Although I didn’t have any money, the bus driver let me ride for free. It saved me a couple hours worth of walking. We are so dependent on money and technology. When we are unexpectedly without it, it seems like we are completely lost. Three random acts of kindness helped me to get back home safely. I can’t wait to pass them on to the next person I meet who is in need.”

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