Narrow minded advices

When my kids were small I used to read all sorts of parenting advice. One idea really shocked me (I wish I remembered who said that): If you feel very upset hearing baby cries, then maybe you shouldn’t be a parent at all.

I can’t say I am a good parent but this hasn’t much to do with empathy. Because this is what it is: babies’ cry is pure distress, and it’s very difficult to ignore such a strong and obvious feeling. Especially for highly empathic people.

This is just one example of life advices given by people presuming their personalities to be the only normal or the “best” ones. Some say “all of you have to be consistent”. Others think that majority of people are born to be unimaginative, plain and boring (consistent) and only rare few are worthy of attention and capable of great things.

So much of this is going on in the world. Far too much. Let’s not assume others think or feel just like us. Let’s not think that they have the same goals. Let’s not believe we are an ideal, a measure for the whole human race. Let’s not always behave towards others as we want them to behave towards us… Let’s use our thinking and empathy in every individual human case.

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