My opinion of “The Moneyless Manifesto” by Mark Boyle so far

Alexandra Cook’s review Jan 30, 15 · edit
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While breaking of communities is rightly a huge problem, ditching all advanced technology would be a crime. Tell everybody who’s relatives were saved by our advanced medicine that their loved ones have to die because it is better to live like “noble savages”. And the only way to save Earth from an extinction caused by a future asteroid impact would be our advanced technology.

I think the industrial phase is necessary in the development of any intelligent species. Destroy humans, elephants will do it, or something like that. We can’t go back. It is a spiral, not a circle. What we need is realistic solutions for the new era. And more tightly knit interdependent communities could be an important part of the solution.

Only the civilization can spread somebody’s message all over the globe. Ditch it, and so much goodness will be gone unnoticed… 

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