My newest sort of CV:

I was born in Russia, graduated from the Moscow State University with a degree in Geography and did a planetary science dissertation. Currently I
run my LinanDara’s Art-n-Folk studio shop at the Ladywell Shopping
Centre in Newtown. . Married, 2 kids. My interests include: arts, crafts, creativity,
science, science fiction, permaculture, moral philosophy, self
sufficiency, personality psychology, music (especially folk and singers –
songwriters), travelling, growing food, working for a better future,
cooking, personal development, frugal living, writing, trying something
new, languages, car free living, intentional communities, life stories,
walking, foraging, bohemian style, dreaming, home-making, human rights,
upcycling, generating crazy ideas and exploring possibilities, real fire, real friends, good life.

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