My first (and last) visit to the Job Centre Plus

It doesn’t feel good if nobody needs what you are doing. As it was very quiet in my art shop I have been wondering for a while, what if there is somebody who could employ me to do something creative and useful for humanity. I’ve got a number of skills and it’s a pity to waste them. I thought I’ll pop to the local Job Centre Plus to speak to an adviser.

Yesterday I finally did it. I’ve told the girl that I am self employed at the moment but not earning anything so I would like to know what other options I have. I’ve been preparing myself for a serious interview.

The girl promptly told me about all kinds of benefits I can claim. The only problem she didn’t know if in my passport there was a permission for that. I didn’t even know there is a part of British passport for claiming public funds… No, apparently because of a foreign accent, she didn’t suspect me being a citizen of this country…

That’s fine then. I can claim benefits. Stunned I tried to say that I actually want to EARN money. She suggested to go to the government job searching website. She had a look at what popped up locally and said to me with excitement that the new bookies need people (some local people were saying that the third bookies is an indicator of town’s horrible demise).
– No, that’s not what I am looking for. Could I find something matching my skills, qualifications, preferences. ..

She pointed at the government website again.

– So, this is what you do here? – I asked at the end.
– Yes, that’s what we do – she said proudly.

She didn’t get the irony.

Well this is just symbolise the benefit culture for me. Also a lot is being said about that great trend of everybody finding their true passion in life, being creative, developing their abilities to serve the society in the best possible way. .. How people really supposed to do so?

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