Musical trains

I’m not opposed to mobile phones & talking everywhere – I believe its good when people communicate & can understand very well that there maybe important, urgent matters to discuss or somebody can just feel lonely. But force strangers to listen to your music in public transport or on the street… Its just violation of personal freedom! I want to listen to what I want and when I want.

They say there is a “Mozart effect”, but I think there is also a “trash music effect” – lowering ones IQ & eliminating empathy. So beware what you put on when your child is around. Amazingly, some people have headphones which work just like loudspeakers… Makes you wander what they do to their owners hearing & brains.

Also I don’t trust people putting their music on while driving – they mute their senses & their concentration probably suffers. Some people in trains might say “well you’ve got noisy children so we’ll have music on.” We can’t switch them off! I remember my baby crying hard all the way through an overnight flight once… I’ve got plenty of “looks” that nigh…

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