Making choices

In human affairs almost nothing is black and white. All is shades of grey and it is up to us to decide if that grey is light or dark. In any matter of small importance we can comfortably “sit on the fence” and be agnostics but not if the question means a lot. In this case, to stay sane and to confront the bigger evil, we have to take sides.

What if we don’t know all the facts? Often nobody knows all the facts.

We have to examine possible consequences of whatever each side proposes. And we have to look carefully at the proponents of both opinions. Who appears to be guided by anger? Which side is better at explaining their point of view? Where most of enlightened, educated, kind, reasonable, compassionate, hardworking, creative people stand? Who uses propaganda and brainwashing tools the most? Who is more tolerant? Who is more violent?

Consider all this and take your side. Of course, there might be more than two points of view but for most of us it is too much and we would simplify the problem to make it black and white. Sort of. ..

We should, if we to be honest, change our opinion if there is new evidence or the situation itself changes.

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