Last weekend I was at @spaceupleicester. Really enjoyed the talk by an architect from @fosterandpartners about 3D printing Lunar and Martian bases. The way to go! Also a great light hearted presentation by guys from @crusaderocketry. Didn’t enjoyed “Ignite” format for the talks where you not allowed to advance the slides at your own speed. Why? Plus the whole “unconference” gimmick: traditional conferences, where you can plan which talks to visit in advance, are fine. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, please. Recommend visiting the Space centre and the Patrick Moore planetarium, especially, if you have young children.
#spaceupleics #spaceup #travel #futuristic #futuristicarchitecture #spaceexploration #explorationofspace #coloniesinspace #theWayoftheApostate (at National Space Centre)

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