Just stay honest

Do you hate somebody’s else health, wealth, happiness unconditionally? Just because it contradicts your worldview?

Anti capitalist doomsters say “it’s all greed & we are in the mess”. I point that people may appear greedy mostly because either they have limited resources or an “ancestorial memory” of the resources getting low. It’s an instinct, not a sin.

I say the child mortality dropped 45 % since 1990(WHO), but they are not happy. They think it’s not good enough & pharmaceutical companies are greedy… Just like religious extremists, they won’t see anything good happening in the world outside their camp. How on earth can you build a new world without honesty? Is it going to be a better world? I doubt it.

I stay away from warring camps putting barb wire around themselves. I try to stay honest. Tell me when I slip.

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