St Johns Hall Gallery, Barmouth

I’visited St Johns Hall Gallery yesterday, found the place really amazing and certainly a must see if you are in Barmouth, Gwynedd. Their website is

Sorry for the quality of my photos (my hands were perhaps shaking 🙂 as I haven’t had a feeling of coming close to real meaningful Art for quite some time.

There are both of artists working in the studio, Bernard Barnes and Reyna Rushton, on one of the pictures. Thursday is the day you can go and do your own work in the gallery (after contacting the artists first). It’s a very creative place and I am quite happy with the results of the day (shown on the easel -last photo). It also was absolutely great to join conversations on history, art, science, philosophy.

Please visit their website, read and watch more. And hope you can see the gallery in person one day too.

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