I’ve been listening about #the100dayproject / #cpt100days on the @andyjpizza podcast recently. It starts on April 3rd. I am interested and trying to figure out what (for me) would be useful, not too complex and fun to do for 100 days. I think art goes hand in hand with a desirable world building. Artists often choose what to create based on their vision of what the world should be. I often have trouble picturing the environment where my artwork (present or future) would be at home and the people who could enjoy it. So, I am playing with an idea of #VopreKinWorld100day project. #Sketching in all sorts of media, not too polished, of various aspects of my dream world. Here are some #skyscrapers, as seen through a #window with blinds and a vase. #linandaras_art #VopreKin #city #dreamscape #edificios #набросок #рисунок #город

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