Is it really OK to be randomly nasty to anybody rich and famous?

Some people presume that it is. I think that it isn’t and I am going to explain why.

First, acts of random nastiness never serve a good purpose. If you have to criticize anyone publicly this should be for a greater good of the public (otherwise talk privately). Attempts at bringing others down for its own sake is just a cruel sport which teaches the spectators to be cruel.

Second, who is famous, rather who isn’t? Your fan club could only be 50 strong but consider how lucky you are that you know and can directly connect with all of your supporters? How cold and scary it is to see different faces all the time and have no chance to remember them? They all want to connect with you but you can’t possibly connect with hundreds, thousands, millions of people… What is better, to know your tribe personally or not? To be able to walk down the street saying hello to your neighbors or to hide from reporters, paparazzi and creeps? Where exactly is the boundary of fame? Is it worth crossing?

Third, how people became rich and famous? Unless they

misbehave or even commit crimes (then for all means criticize!) it is a combination of good luck and hard work. If a person worked hard, did extraordinary things and deserves his income or fame, they already paid the price for this. If this is more luck than effort, it isn’t their “fault”. Maybe they didn’t even wanted to be public figures. It just happened. How this gives anybody the right to be nasty to a random person?

I think to this group many “celebrities” truly belong. They are not some special “breed”. Just some of us. 

People have to speak about somebody they all know. We used to live in small settlements in the past, this was the pastime. Now the ones we can all talk about are the well known public figures. This is inevitable. It’s not all bad, because it is a way to find out who actually did something significant to earn a place in our “following” lists.

Fourth, there’s this notion that people got famous easily because of their good looks and therefore deserve to be criticized for their looks. This is ridicules. We don’t choose how we look. It is random, again. Being found is also often random. And being a celebrity doesn’t even mean that you look better than the most of us. 

For years I had a board with faces of anybody I feel connected to. My family, friends, teachers, colleagues, writers, actors who played my favorite characters, painters, musicians, singers-songwriters… It always makes me smile to think that many of those people who are not famous are, from an artists point of view, much more good looking than the ones presumably “chosen” for their looks. Same goes for people famous only for their work, not their looks – they could be very good looking. There are so many beautiful faces around! Anybody happy and healthy is beautiful anyway. 

Many years ago I was sitting in an underground train opposite a man in his 60s. I was absolutely sure I knew him well, the troubling thing was I just couldn’t remember from where. He looked a bit like an uni professor but I wasn’t sure which subject he has been teaching, did I went to his seminars and did I had to say hello? I though I am going mad. Only at the last stop he, probably noticing my desperate glances, lifted his glasses and I recognized him from a movie I really liked and watched many times (this was in another universe). What I relief. I wasn’t crazy after all… On another occasion, I watched yet another movie and the next day suddenly said hello to a coworker I didn’t really knew just because he looked almost exactly like a famous film star from that movie… 

There’s no “special” public kind of people. We all are just people, with our struggles, happy moments and pains. We have to behave towards anyone as towards a precious human being. Money and fame are coming and going. One day they loose and you win (or is it in reverse?). Would you like to be told publicly whatever you might be saying about those people now?

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