“In the #spring when she was 15 she’s met her ideal. In fiction. Long books and long movies plus some meaningful songs seemingly changed everything. It was a beautiful "that’s it” feeling. Her life started to make some sense for the first time. She went looking and looking for this ideal in real life, outside, but failed to find it. And then she gradually started to understand that she had in fact seen a person, a kind of hero she wanted to be herself. She’s met her better self in the mirror of other people’s fantasies. It was a long #journey and she is still far away from its completion, if there is any. And often she can’t see where she is going. But when all tears will dry she will be that enchanted pilgrim beaming with light. She knows. She hopes. She wanders…“ #iceland #Icelandic #memories #raindrops #dreams #life #window #aftertherain #afterthestorm #linandara_dreams #linandara_iceland #linandara_water #abstract #linandara_abstract #story (at Keflavik International Airport)

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