I need to learn to accept that someone will always disagree with me. No people ever agree on everything. Tolerance is the word greatly overused. Curiosity is a better term. It is good to stay curious about others. But do not get cosy with things you consider evil.

In the heat of the moment the differences may seem to be unbreachable but time might change that. Good people disagree, sometimes bitterly. Even smart people do silly mistakes, of course I do a lot of them. It is difficult to learn to live with this knowledge, but it is necessary.

… A little cafe magic 💫☕. I think this beautiful spot was originally in Alicante (I absolutely love those big lush banyan trees 💚). I tried to take this to another galaxy…

On @artgrab.co, image No 55692. #linandara #wonderlust #aweandwonderquest #isitreal #curiosities #fantasticworld #otherness #randomness #multiverse #digitalart (at Alicante, España)

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