I hear sometime that one can’t be happy without religion. That’s so untrue. There are plenty of happy, creative, interesting people who have nothing to do with any supernatural beliefs whatsoever. I didn’t know anything about religion till I was 15. I was happy. Then I thought it may make me happier. It didn’t. It might added some interest to my life when I was on the edge, but the pull towards fundamentalism always was here and once I have taken the beliefs seriously there was just fear and frustration. I’ve got out, I became better. Don’t compromise your freedom.
Another #nonrectangular #sketch from http://linandara.com/portfolio/non-rectangular-sketches-2018-by-alexandra-cook-aka-linandara/ #linandaras_art #thewayoftheapostate #acrylicandink #artwork #рисунки #рисунок

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