I grew up with a doggy, she was called Dinka (Short for Diana in Russian). She was very clever and independent, knew many words. A few people I follow posted about their dogs unfortunately passing away recently. So I decided it’s going to be a Dog Day and made some digital art of my old dog.

The dog was given to us as a puppy by relatives. When it was still very young it had fits: when other people outside were watching it would throw herself on the ground, paws up and scream. My mother was so embarrassed. But after I was born, everyone was busy with the baby, nobody paid much attention to the dog and the fits stopped.

The dog allegedly was coming by itself to the bus stop to meet he members of the family at the right times.

Dinka loved car rides, but when it was told “You are staying home today!” it would turn round and walk away with her tail down, looking deeply offended.

Once in early 80s we took the dog to the seaside by car (3 day ride one way!) We slept in the car on the way here and back and my mum wanted Dinka under the car but it managed to sneak quietly inside anyway. Poor thing was very afraid of the sea and lost lots of hair because of stress or different climate, I guess.

It always would find my lost hamster or tortoise when I would say “Search!”

Dinka lived with us for 17 years.

I consider myself more of a cat person now, but Dinka was a great companion for a child. I also read that healthy dog’s germs are really good for humans. There are my dog’s photos with me and my mum, my childish drawing of the her and today’s artwork I am about to turn into prints. 🐕

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