I am not great on productivity tips, but one which helps me a lot is starting to think “What’s next?” when I am still finishing something else and mostly work on autopilot.
Small (mostly 20x20cm) “Spanish Paintings” I recently added to my portfolio page. I was growing tired of standard rectangular pictures depicting traditional bucolic landscapes. So for this series I was experimenting with shapes of paintings, trying modern subjects and extrapolating into the future. Enjoy!
http://linandara.com/portfolio/spanish-paintings-by-alexandra-cook-aka-linandara/ #linandaras_art #painting #thewayoftheapostate #acrylicpainting #acrylicandink #artistsofinstagram #arte #turquoise #penture #pintura (at Urb. Calas Blancas Torrevieja)

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