How Orange made money out of me

We often assume that it is normal that there are small print traps for “silly” or “lazy” customers. It is not.

I’ve been convinced in a shop that I am switching to a better, straight forward deal with the Orange phone company. They asked me if I call abroad from my mobile phone regularly and I said “no” (as I am using cheap Just Dial from home for this). Then my daughter had to go to a hospital, my mother abroad was worried and I ended up calling and messaging her a lot. The cost was outrageous. So the Orange did well out of me. I am wondering how many other people in trouble they used in the same way.

My daughter suggested to me to switch to Giffgaff and I am pretty happy so far as it is cheap all round and absolutely transparent. After a month of use they recommended me a better deal in a polite email, not like T Mobile which had somebody pushy and annoying calling me.

So, hiding behind small print is dishonest. You may earn accidental money but will loose loyal long term customers.

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