Here in Newtown (Powys), despite the rural location, many families have
tiny gardens, unsuitable for growing foods. This is why we, growers,
need to come together.We have an established Cultivate community
garden which provide a number of local people with fresh organic
vegetables. However there is lack of healthy nutrients for those of us
who are not vegan. Most of us! Many high energy organic animal products
(meat, eggs, fish, etc) are both expensive and often unavailable in our
area – this drives people into buying cheap ready meals, sweets and fast
food, hence damaging their health. Mid Wales is unfortunately quite
prominent on UK obesity map
( To give people
both healthy food and outdoor exercise we dream to build a community
animal farm starting with a chicken coop, then venturing into a mini
fish or rabbit farm. Initially with only about seven participants, this
project can grow to impact lives of dozens local families. People would
learn about keeping animals and cooking healthy foods at our community
kitchen. Excess food could be sold at the market with profit either put
back to the project or shared between participants. The community will
be strengthened by people depending on each other, working together on a
common goal, and local inhabitants finally will get access to the
highest quality, natural, fresh products. Seeing the initial success,
more people would get motivated to join in. The project could grow and
develop indefinitely, adding new types of animals, new technologies, new
sites and increasing the scale. We really hope that working on a
project like this with change people’s mentality, e.g. replaces feeling
of scarcity and loneliness with feeling of abundance and friendly
support from neighbours.We would build creatively, mostly with
sustainable timber and clay materials, also recycling as much as we can.
We will need money to buy at least some of building materials and
animals. Already we have a skilful carpenter, an artist and an
experienced chicken rearer on the team. We will create a closed loop
system by using products from the community garden to feed the animals
and the animal waste to feed the garden. We will implement the latest
research about small scale, intensive yet organic and humane animal
farming, e.g. aquaponics, wormeries, etc. We will create a fun and
original design, attracting visitors, including kids. Imagine how great
this would be for our local schools to bring children to the garden and
to learn about animals! Please help us to bring our dream to life and by doing this to help many local people.

We have already achieved a lot. Created a thriving community garden with
micro allotments, hugelkultur beds, a forest garden. There is a
community of people interested in growing food, healthy eating, green
living and lifelong learning. We are ready for the next step – the
Animal House!

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