For the last few years I had this strong idea of finally becoming the person I always wanted to be, my own hero in my own story. This is not meatless “self improvement”, not temporary role/cos-playing or creating a false persona but honest embodiment of the dream in all areas of my life. Diging down to find what I really am and building up a character I want to be. So far I am calling this #theWayoftheApostate, mostly because it includes generating, finfing, mixing and matching ideas and good advice without adhering to any rigid dogmas. I actually hope to find some companions for the journey. For me it’s going to be a long and difficult one. This is another marker post.
#autumn2018 #spain #wanderingartist #wanderingknightenchantress #creatingrolemodels #nerdfashion #mixandmatchfashion (at Torrevieja)

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