Flying An Enormous Kite

I created this digital painting remembering how my kids and my friends’ kids were running up our street in Russia, following an “enormous kite”.

There are several ways to look at people’s lives and creativity, specially, “excessive”, compulsive creativity. One, for example, is of  L. N. Gumiliov, the way of  a Passionner,  a person absorbing more energy from the environment than needed and channelling it to modify the environment and break the societies, building something new afterwards. Those people seem to be destined for conflict and struggle whether they want it or not. My mum alway called my former boss and dissertation supervisor a Passionner. Colleagues were saying he is spread around the institute like an electron on its orbit.

There’s also the Albert Camus’ Sisyphus way: toil, push your rock forever, without meaningful external achievement, the rock slides back anyway and the lines you draw with it are visible only to you. But you may make yourself happy doing your job.

I would pick another option: fly your kite high! Do it for yourself, for your own enjoyment, not specifically to break the order of things. But don’t stop others running with you. People naturally like sharing what they do, and their creativity and energy helps others. Even if the traces of work you do will disappear in 1000 years, presently you are rising tide, lifting all boats. Your life does matter, and not just for you. But you do not need to be a sevant or a serf of anybody.

Artwork is available on No 57681

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