I’ve been listening to the Personality Hacker podcast from http://www.personalityhacker.com (which is very interesting if you are into personality types) and there was a little exercise in finding your kind of flow state. This happens when you are doing something very satisfying and don’t notice the passage of time. Something you won’t cease to do until you are completely drained. Here is my list.

– creating characters who talk and interact in my head or me talking to somebody / explaining something / convincing somebody in my head.

– collecing pretty stuff. Searching, picking, sorting, organizing.

– painting, drawing, sculpting. It could be difficult to start this one, especially with onlookers but once here I don’t mind a crowd passing by.

– writing.

– reading a good book / article, especially with a pen for commenting and underlining.

– watching beautiful scenery passing by.

– brainstorming interesting possibilities with people I know and like.

– listening to good live songs or music. Also noise: waves, birds, rain, wind, distant cars and planes, thunder, trees… If there are no words imagining something.

– talking one to one (even if there are others around) to somebody who is interested and understands me. Listening to people I like and understand. Subjects: stories about people’s lives and their interactions, new existing scientific discoveries, philosophy, honest opinions on important matters.

– probably forgot something. ..

What about you?

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