were invented by the Ojibwe people who call them asabikeshiinh or
bawaajige nagwaagan. Originally they were made with willow branches and
sinews, decorated with feathers and beads.

No, they are not like to catch any dreams but they are very fun to
make and make attractive looking objects, bringing a hint of dreamland
to any home.

It is not clear who first made suncatchers, but there are some
indications they might originate from the wonderfull land of North
America too. The purpose of suncatcher is to catch and reflect light so
they could be made with anything shiny: beads, mirrors, glass.

Both types of hanging decorations are specially effective against
windows. Please make sure there isn’t anything which would act as a lens
or your house will catch fire!

Find pieces of cord, wire, yarn, rope, fabric scraps, seaglass,
glass, twigs, driftwood, feathers, glass or plastic beads, buttons,
bells, tassels, leather straps, colorful fabric, small shiny objects,
etc and assembly them any way you like. Weaving is a plus. Just have

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