Does anybody wants to be average?

I’ve been trying to remember if I’ve ever known well somebody who didn’t want to be an original and wanted just fit in always and everywhere, to be a copy and an average. I can’t.

We are social animals and do keep up with Joneses to some degree. We try to use appropriate language, follow the dress code and mow our lawns. But look deep and we all have our unusual ambitions, interests, hobbies, stories we tell, opinions. All boxes are different when opened.

I sometime catch myself looking down on a GROUP OF PEOPLE thinking “this is a grey mass that doesn’t want anything apart from eating, watching tv and reproducing”. Yet if I started to know these people individually, “open their boxes”, they would became individuals, I am sure.

I think we should’t looks down and dismiss “others” without giving them a chance. Many chances… Indefinite amount of chances…

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