Doctor Who, Kill the Moon… Killing the series?

You can’t have a good quality sci-fi story with mistakes like this. The
Moon turned to be an “iron chicken” screaming and flapping its wings in
the vacuum of space! Plus quite a few other ridiculous details including the wrong age of the Moon. How this is supposed to teach our kids to like science?

Moral dilemmas are very important but even they became so repetitive! By the way, our kids already left the audience despite most of us admiring Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor and Jenna Coleman as his assistant. The parents will be leaving soon too if the series won’t improve. And they could improve.

I am sure there is plenty of excellent new writers ready to take over and recreate the series which would inspire both young and old. Pose completely new important and controversial problems. Tell us about Earth history or new discoveries in physics – realistically, please. We really need something fresh and different, not just endless repetition of themes from previous episodes plus deep disregard of modern science.

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