Ditch the parties, vote for policies & honest politicians

This election noise just sounds to me as a falure of our party system. First, none of the parties have the same set of views as myself (and many others) so whoever we vote for it will be a sort of compromise. Not good.

Second, some people use parties for expressing very primitive black and white worldviews (they are baddies, we are goodies and other kindergarden stuff), expressing hatred towards particular party leaders or members (like they single handedly are responsible for everything in the country), belonging to a party makes politicians sacrifice their honesty if they don’t agree to party policies, etc, etc. This looks really childish. Rather than fight, people should try to find common grounds, feel compassion, try to undestand that life is a complex thing without easy black and white solutions.

So, I am for a) direct democracy (voting directly for every important policy)

b) voting for locally known independent politicians (I would vote for a good person even if we not 100 % agree)

c) free flowing experiments in governement resulting in its improvement

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