Current situation with the shop

I moved from the market to the Ladywell shopping centre but so far it has been very quiet here.

Even if sitting in the studio / shop and selling my artworks worked financially I am not sure if this is what I really want to do in life. Besides there already is the “Newtopia” gallery at the High Street helping local Newtown artists to sell their work.

I also have a feeling that to make local people interested in arts / handmade they should be somehow educated about it first. At the moment they are just indifferent.

So I really wish I could be a part of some social enterprise (?) aiming at promoting good stuff like creativity, science, ethical and environmentally friendly living. FUTURE FRIENDLY living. This could manifest itself in workshops, demonstrations, lectures, art therapy, exhibitions and selling really AFFORDABLE art too. Workshops about upcycling (recycling), frugal living or developing one’s creativity would be great. Also this could be a place for the local art and astronomy clubs to meet, etc. It would go well with a small cafe & bookshop. This is my current idea (revised Art center idea I had before).

I really wish to know if anybody else in the neighbourhood (Powys) could be interested in this? Is there any relatively large property suitable which would be free or almost free to begin with?

Would be great to know what you honestly think about this.

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