Churches for sale and “karate kids” in Newtown

A sad picture from Newtown life: two of the nicest churches in town are empty and for sale – and they have been like this almost since we moved here a year ago. They are right in the centre of the town, near the bus and train stations. I think from time to time, that it would be great if an Orthodox community could buy one of them but I understand there is not much chance for that. I can’t get to the nearest Orthodox church two towns away because there is no public transport on Sunday mornings (ironically, for religious reasons, I guess).

Another problem for a car-free person possesses (surprise!) kids sport club. They joined a local karate club last spring. Karate is very popular in Newtown and I thought its good healthy exercise plus a chance to learn to protect themselves if needed. No, wrong. Its all about the color of the belt. Every so often I’m given a form to fill and expected to pay 18 pounds per child for “grading” (strangely, that procedure haven’t been explained to me when kids just joined). And for this continuous grading business (meaning belt changing) we have to travel to another town… On Sunday morning, of course! When I am trying to explain our situation to the trainers I usually meet one of these looks: cold, suspicious, judging, refusing to understand, separating me into “strange & alien” category. Oh, well… I seriously think about tennis club for kids now …

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  1. Oh, what sad photographs. Those WOULD be beautiful buildings for an Orthodox church – no dome, but such lovely stonework. Is there no one from the church two towns over who comes from your town? Or maybe someone could be willing to swing by out of their way?

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